Texas Electricity Choice – Getting the Right Electricity Plan at the Right Price

The texas electricity choice is all about being empowered to shop and choose the right energy plan for you. However, it can be overwhelming to compare plans and rates, especially since your existing electricity provider will likely start reaching out in advance of your contract renewal.

When you enter your zip code on our marketplace, we can show you the best electricity rates for your home size from Texas’s top energy providers. Then you can filter by plan type, green energy, bill credits, term length and more to find a plan that fits your unique priorities.

In most cases, the rate you’ll be charged will vary from month to month based on your usage level and other factors. But you can find a general idea of what you’ll be paying with an Electricity Facts Label (EFL). It’s important to know the details of your EFL before you shop so you have an accurate sense of what your total monthly charges will look like.

Another thing to consider is the percentage of green energy you’ll be buying with your plan. Many REPs will offset your annual kWh consumption by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits, which are generated through wind and solar energy. These RECs will appear on your statement each month to give you proof of your purchase and help you track your impact.

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Choose power texas starts with knowing your options and understanding how the state’s deregulation system works. Once you understand your options, you can save time and money by shopping for a new power plan. To start, determine when your contract with your current provider expires and then use our Power to Choose website to shop for a new plan.

The Texas electricity grid consists of six Transmission and Distribution Utility companies, or TDUs. Each TDU is responsible for maintaining and repairing all lines, wires, poles and meters in its service area. In addition, TDUs are the entities that deliver electricity to your residence or business. You can switch to a different REP when you move, but only if the new address falls within the service territory of the TDU that currently delivers power to your home or business.

If you live in a deregulated area, your TDU will be Centerpoint, Oncor, Texas-New Mexico Power, AEP Central or AEP North. If you live in a regulated area, such as Austin Energy, the city’s utility or an electricity co-op, you will not be eligible for Power to Choose.

Most Texans in the deregulated areas of the state can choose their own electricity supplier and plan. They can also switch to a different plan during their contract’s renewal period, which is usually the first six months after you sign up. During this time, your current supplier will send you offers to stay with them in order to keep your business. However, if you don’t accept their offers, you can shop for other plans using the Power to Choose website.