Yoga teacher training course is vital for your skill, knowledge and confidence, a lot of young yoga instructors who do the practice brilliantly feel that they might not be able to safely teach the practice, it seems easy to pass on the knowledge but has to know how to channel the information correctly and this course is actually designed to help those who aspire to be yoga instructors, and this is why yoga teacher training is different from a simple yoga class where you might learn the stretches and forms of breathing, in a yoga teacher training course you learn the skill and more importantly learn how to teach the skill, and it makes you marketable as a yoga instructor if you have enrolled yourself in a course from a yoga school like Marianne Wells Yoga Retreat because this particular yoga school provides better reputation than most.

Yoga TeacherYoga teacher training program is available both online and in-person, the question which one is better than the other has no particular answer because it all depends on what is possible and convenient for you and how comfortable are you taking online sessions, there are other options such as course videos where you get the online access to all the videos session by session, but in my personal opinion this should be your third choice, if you can take the in person class then it is the best option because you learn a lot, you meet the trainer learn off them and even meet new like-minded people which is great if you want to open your own yoga studio once you are done with classes, group sessions and yoga courses are a possibility too if you have made the right connections.