Top Technologies In Organic Farming

The world has seen a drastic shift from more quantity to better quality. The produce that the farmers give the companies and customers are more focused on quality rather than the quantity today. Earlier many methods, supplements, and chemicals were used to increase production but today the entire agriculture sector is moving towards organic farming. Though this means higher investments and lower productivity, the customers are ready to pay up for it and this is what sells in the market today.

Technology has helped in this shift towards organic farming. Let’s take a look at the top technologies that have aided this organic rendezvous:

Internet Of Things (IoT)

This technological shift towards higher usage of internet has helped in connecting the various devices used on the field. The devices are connected to your phone or computer using the internet, thus providing you with the information at your fingertips.

When all measurements and readings are available to you at the touch of a button, it saves you a lot of time and helps you decide faster. The timely decision is important in agriculture.

Irrigation Control

Today there are many systems in play that provide up to date information about weather, soil moisture, and other related data. This helps in taking a quick and timely decision in farming. Earlier one had to physically check the soil and stay around the farm to keep an eye on the weather and take decisions accordingly. Today with these technologies to help, one can make decisions from a different city, thus enabling them to spend time on farming as well as other activities.


Yes, pesticides are not preferably used in organic farming. The simple reason is that these pesticides latch on to the surface of the produce, thus making them in organic and unfit for today’s expected health standards. However, pest control is essential and when done right your organic farming will only flourish. If you are in the Glasgow area, get professional pest control Glasgow companies to help you out.