The Best Selfie Angle to Make You Look More Attractive | For Guys

For a big part of the time since the front cameras have been invented and rule the roost literally, there is forever a great lacuna of knowledge about the best selfie-taking tips. Internet pages are dime a dozen about the art and the science behind it but it never has the complete information.

Moreover, the tips are more speculative than tried and tested ones. But this surely had to happen one day!

A new empirical research was quite the need of the hour:

An elaborate German study which was recently published this year in The Psychology Frontline and which has gone viral and caught people’s fantasy has proved some of the facts relating to selfie-taking and how the science behind taking attractive selfies can help boost your online confidence.

Taking pictures for tinder was never so easy!

If there is anything more important where a good selfie works like magic then it has to a dating app such as Tinder. I have come across such badly taken selfies with guys staring dead eye into the camera that even the best description and attributes that match twenty-twenty have not been able to persuade me to click on their profile. So, yes, the profile picture is extremely important.

What did the study reveal?

The study made about 100 people judge selfies of people whom they did not know ire have never met int heir lifetime. These people judged the person on parameters such as empathy, understanding, and of course intelligence and the like.

The most interesting bit of the survey was that guys who tilted their heads on their right side to a degree of 45 seemed extremely attractive and there was a persuasive value to their selfies. All the 100 believed that these were the guys they would not mind clicking right on and dating. So there!

We put up this survey on the and we had people telling us that they tried this and that it did wonders for them. Try!!