The Lenovo G50 Series- Notebooks For Daily Use

The G50 series is a non-fussy series introduced to handle the day-to-day tasks of the user. The Notebooks from Lenovo G50-80 fall in the price-range of most entry-level computers. This G50 review is basically to give the overall important aspectsof this series in a nutshell.

  • Overall, the Lenovo G50 series has a solid build-quality.
  • The notebooks have a plastic case and deck. They are light-weightwith a seamless design and can be easily carried around.
  • The display is bright.
  • The Lenovo hard drives are known for their quickness and
  • This is a series that is economical and a good value-for-money.

When we have budgeted entry-level laptops designed for everyday use, trade-offs are a part of the process. And same is the case with the Lenovo G50 series. They have a few issues like:

  • The batteries do not have a very prolonged durable life. After a full charge, they tend to last for three to three-and-a-half hours.
  • The keyboards are not really smooth and for an entry-level product, there may be other brands which have better keyboard functioning than the G50 series.

Having said that, this series is known for a great touchpad and the multi-touch gestures are recognized well and do not disappoint as much. The display responses are fairly quick and hence suitable for a variety of daily tasks.

Regarding, the hardware aspects, the Lenovo entry-level series is fairly equipped with the basics and covers most multimedia and office applications. The system performance is smooth and quick. It also comes with a decent cache. The laptop scores well on the gaming and graphics performances too.

This is a series which has got its temperature regulation well under control. The plastic hardcover is of good quality and remains at a very bearable temperature ranging from around 23degrees Celsius – 35degrees Celsius, when they are not performing or under load. The power consumption is limited because of the high-quality processor.

Overall, this is a series which reeks of typical Lenovo qualities. Apart from a few flaws, if you’re looking for a disposable entry version, this is a choice that is worth considering because it handles the daily multimedia tasking very well.