Top Five Rules for Teaching Your Child to Live With Technology

Many people love to hang around the entire day either in front of TV channels or spending all most all the time surfing through the net.  Even children become addicted to these technologies and it becomes difficult to separate them from the gadgets.  When they wake up till they sleep, they are with the smartphones or tabs busy in watching all the cartoons and you often see kids saying “I love star walk kids” and also eager to watch other rhymes.  This makes them get many health related problems and also causes irritation in the eyes.  This has to be checked and controlled for the well-being of the children.

Here are some of the top rules for your children to live with the technology as follows;

  • Fixed time limit: There should be a time limit on spending online for kids. We have to set time for online spending it may be in the morning or after school hours. The time limit should not be extended at any cost. Then only the kids will be used to the timing and they won’t argue at you.
  • Be aware: We should aware of their online texting, screening, and snapshots that they are uploading. We should keep track of the websites they are screening. We should watch keenly what they are doing, in which website they are logging into, all these details should be kept in screening in order to avoid unnecessary problems.
  • Passive time for the Gadgets: Whatever may be, there should be a time limit for everything.  The gadgets should be unused for some time at least it should have some sleeping time both in the night as well as in the daytime.
  • Limited freedom: You should be more cautious as well as you need to give freedom to an extent for your children.  It is not advisable to be too strict as well as not to give much freedom to them.
  • Stop the Network: If you come to know that they are violating any of the rules, don’t punish them instead of giving them some warning at first, but still, if they violate, try to stop the network you are using.

The latest in digital currency


Digital currencies are becoming a more and more popular choice for making payments, and may even take the place of physical currencies at some point in the future. There are already several different digital currencies operating in different ways, but the number of different currencies is sure to grow rapidly.

One such currency is the Bitwalking dollar – by using a smartphone app to track the number of steps you take, you can earn digital cash. There’s also a wristband under development to carry out the same function, reducing the need to carry the phone around. The technology essentially converts movement to cash – one of the first of its kind.

This currency can be used online in the designated store, or can be exchanged for ‘real’ cash. I even bought a dirt bike with crypto currency for a discounted rate and it is the future. Whilst it won’t make a huge difference to the income of many of us in the West, it can be life-changing in rural communities in developing nations where many have to walk several miles a day and earn very little at their place of work.

Another new and relatively unheard of digital currency is known as Zcash. This is similar to the better-known Bitcoin, but much more secure. All data is fully encrypted, meaning less security threats. It’s said to be the first currency of its kind, making it definitely one to consider.

If you like using PayPal you might want to consider the new digital currency known as Dash. It’s perfect for shopping online, and the transactions occur immediately, meaning you don’t have to wait a couple of days to see what you’ve been spending. There’s a map available to show you which merchants accept the currency too, making it really easy to use.