When should you start worrying about online privacy security?

Every mind is thinking the internet way, every palm has a smart phone and every lap has a PC. These things are no more age specific. With levels of brilliance and technology reaching another high with every passing generation, need for security too has increased. When brilliance mixes with ill intent, it causes no less than a disaster. This is why we hear cases of online forgery, thefts and others.

A bit ago, people rested assured if the site they visited had ‘https://’; however safe many such sites track user browsing behavior and then get ads ad pop-ups related to the same. Anti-virus software companies are trying to keep their software updated and competitive enough to keep away everything undue. To help ease out the effort, users should be well aware of what to share online. There are prying eyes keeping a watch on what you share and trying to fetch more information from you. The least you can do is, clear the browsing history after finishing the online session, every time. My father removes his information from the internet using this.

Read through; if any one of the below mentioned is a yes for you, you should worry about your online privacy and security:

  • If your anti-virus is not updated
  • If your operating system is not updated
  • If you do heavy finance transactions online
  • If you usually and frequently connect to public networks
  • If your work demands using external storage devices
  • If you share too many personal details like whereabouts, photos, check-in info, work or travel details

There was a time when photographing without consent was a privacy violation. None anymore! We have so adjusted to technology. While there are tools and rules to nip the rising risk, it still would take more to achieve the desired. Perhaps, the safeguards will keep increasing, for, eliminating all the cyberpunks is simply hypothetical.