Technology has got involved in almost every aspect of our lives. By developing a fingerprint device that helps in detecting drug abuse the drug testing has been taken to completely different level. But I find that this detox drink works the best. This will be of great help for roadside screening usually used by police as well as professional companies that are making drug test mandatory. Currently, police are making use of a device to detect this, which shows some result but to find out accurately it still needs to go to the Labs.

What Is Fingerprint Drug Screening?

This device makes use of fingerprints to detect different substance abuse in human beings.  There need not be different tests performed since one device detect one or more drugs used at the same time. The overall process takes about less than 10 minutes which includes extracting samples and getting the results. The device consists of two components

  1. Cartridge
  2. Reader

Description of Components

  • The cartridges is intelligently design fingerprinting technology which is compact and uses fingerprints as samples to detect commonly abused drugs like coke, opioids, amphetamines, and marijuana.
  • It is composed of reader 1000 which has a touch screen that helps in analyzing the samples and giving the result. This is a portable device.

Because of the intelligent technology used it is difficult to fiddle with the samples and fake the test. However, you can fake fingerprints. You need to start off by printing the fingerprints you want to fake on clay or wax. Make sure to press inside the material for a significant amount of time to get perfect fingerprints. Next, you need to freeze this clay so that the fingerprints are intact. Boil some water and add gelatine to make a thick jelly and let it cool. Once it has cooled down, microwave it again and again until it stops forming bubbles which will make it rubbery in nature. Pour this into the mold on which fingerprints are there. Then keep it in the freezer and later peel off the gelatine slowly and your fake fingerprints are ready.