Best Brands for Car Synthetic Oil

It is very necessary to use the right type of synthetic oil for your car. These days it is very difficult to select automotive accessories from the market due to the rise in demand. With so many brands and variations car owners do not know what the best synthetic oil brands are for your car. However, there are semi – synthetic oils, that are a blend of the natural oil with chemical mix. There are also the super smooth flowing synthetic oils that are slightly more expensive but is worth it. The latest synthetic oils include addition of chemical lubricant, agents to keep out contaminants & sludge, and clean the engine of old oil compost. You must also beware of some poor quality products in the market too.

The best synthetic oil will help your car to work at optimum level. It is also known as the life blood of the car engine. While it is not suitable for brand new cars, it optimizes the performance of older cars. Many of the cars are re – purchased and require a thorough removal of old oil residue. The role of the synthetic motor oil is to clear the engine parts of all compost, dirt, and keep it sludge – free. However, there are many things that you need to check out before buying the car synthetic oil. Below are the basic factors sourced from  for beginners to check out before buying a new synthetic motor oil for your car.

  1. Mileage – Cars that deliver higher mileage require oil changes more regularly. Using a synthetic oil that keeps check on the coolant level in cold weather will help. Select a synthetic oil that is top branded, gets good customer reviews & best rated one.
  2. Additives – as mentioned earlier, there are many inferior quality motor oils as they mix regular oil with chemical lubricants and these formulated mixes are sometimes not good as they end up with rust at times. However, there are those that come with an anti – coolant as well as dirt resistance ability. Also, there are other products that have cleaning agents too and keep out sludge and contaminants.
  3. Viscosity – The motor oil has a specific texture and thickness and this is called as viscosity. There are specific weather conditions that determine the flow of the motor oil. Oil companies clearly cite this information / measurement chart on the label of the can of oil that you are buying.
  4. Cost – At the end making a huge selection process, the price tag is one of the main things that car owners look out for.

However, one thing that you can understand is that by using an inferior quality oil for your motor/ engine it would, in the long run, cause more expenses that can be incurred on the car maintenance. So, think well and paying a little more for a branded and superior synthetic motor oil will keep your car engine healthy, and optimizes the overall car performance.