Increase the value of your car with new tech

Give your vehicle an overhaul with the latest technology in town. It is not always feasible to invest in a new vehicle but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the latest technologies which are a part of the latest models in the industry. Enjoy driving by installing the latest in the automotive industry without breaking your bank.

Here are few technologies that will help you upgrade your vehicle.

  1. Heads up displays or HUD: This feature is now a standard on all high-end models like Audis, Land Rovers, Mercedes Benz and others where the windshield is transformed into a Screen on which information related to speed, fuel and other engine related is projected. It is typically factory installed but you need not fret as you can fix this feature into your regular Renault by buying a standalone HUD available in the market between$100 to $300. These HUDs will replay information to the transparent screen in front of the windshield just like the built-in models. There are a few smartphone apps like the Hudway Glass too that do the job for far lesser money.
  2. Parking Sensors: It is always stressful to find parking spots either at work or at malls especially in the peak hour and during holiday seasons. Unless you are an experienced driver you will end up with bent bumpers, scratched doors, and irate car owners. The new cars have this problem covered with automatic sensors that make parking a breeze. In case your car doesn’t have these built-in you can purchase these sensors from any automobile shop or online. The cheap ones are available for as low as $15 while the high end is more expensive at around $300. These sensors are designed to detect objects based on sound waves and transmit the knowledge back to the driver via beeps or flickering lights.

There are several places to buy well pried Renault parts in the UK, just ensure that the parts you buy are compatible with your car and can be easily installed by you at home.