Introduction To Native Instruments


Native instruments is a Berlin based technology company which works on developing hardware as well as software instruments for music production. Initially, they were focused on software instruments but now they have started producing a wide range of music equipment segments. Some of their products are samplers, software synthesizers, sound libraries etc.

At first, in the year 2003 eight products were combined by the company and called Komplete. Since then it has been upgraded almost every year. Currently the eleventh version is available which is way better and bigger than its predecessor. Also, the eleventh version has earned the best review yet of the Komplete.

In Komplete 11, standalone feature is offered by all the instruments which is supported by the Windows, Mac and as VST, AAX or AU plug-ins. To host them, Kontakt or Reaktor is required for most of the contents. There are three distinct bundles of komplete available to fit into various needs and budgets.

Komplete 11 is the standard edition that offers all the desirable products of Native Instrument. It contains more than 155 GB content that comprises of 45 products. All the latest versions of the effects and instruments from the komplete 10 are delivered by the komplete 11. This also includes many other instruments form which could be only purchased separately.

If you are looking for an entry level bundle then komplete 11 select is an ideal since it is very budget friendly and features 11 instruments as well as 25GB of the content. This includes reaktor instruments, some popular softsynth massive and few kontakt libraries. It does supply reaktor 6 player as well as kontakt 5 player even if it does not offer a full-fledged version. Komplete 11 Ultimate has a vast collection of software. This comprises of 3 good evolve libraries. All these editions can be easily downloaded.