Quality of Sound and the Technology Behind It

Progression in the specialized world prompt changes in the gear and devices at a disturbing rate that what is functional today becomes right the next day. In the near future, the way we listen to music will alter radically because of the increase in the latest developments and innovative headway.

Extreme developments in the sound innovation have enabled the inconceivable a fact and the unattainable the relic of past times. Here we have solidified a rundown of the latest innovative progressions from Review Jam for the wats we many times take for granted.

Synthstrom Deluge:

This extraordinary gadget was made with the motivation behind making and enhancing the electronic style of music. This instrument is lately making vibrations in the melodic industry as it does not need a PC to make music.

Decibel speaker:

This speaker focuses to decrease e-squander by means of their measured plan. As opposed to purchasing fresh units frequently, this device urges you to supplant the parts as the innovation progresses and you can be state-of-the-art.

Olive hearing aid:

Having the plan to tackle the issue of expense and the social discernment on the impairment of hearing, this hearing aid has come as an upheaval for the hearing aid innovation. Economical and far-reaching availability, it enables the clients to check the device and design it according to their necessity and requirements.

Damson Cisor speaker:

It is the best versatile speaker available in the stores and has an exceptional surface speaker of this age. It has surpassed the customary huge speakers and has risen as effective in giving the best sound quality and smaller in size.

4D- Future of Audio:

This device is available now to reform the manner how we listen to audios by including an additional measurement along the Y pivot. This provides greater profundity to audio we listen to. They can be effectively associated via applications where the clients can control the audio in the manner they desire.

The Best Selfie Angle to Make You Look More Attractive | For Guys

For a big part of the time since the front cameras have been invented and rule the roost literally, there is forever a great lacuna of knowledge about the best selfie-taking tips. Internet pages are dime a dozen about the art and the science behind it but it never has the complete information.

Moreover, the tips are more speculative than tried and tested ones. But this surely had to happen one day!

A new empirical research was quite the need of the hour:

An elaborate German study which was recently published this year in The Psychology Frontline and which has gone viral and caught people’s fantasy has proved some of the facts relating to selfie-taking and how the science behind taking attractive selfies can help boost your online confidence.

Taking pictures for tinder was never so easy!

If there is anything more important where a good selfie works like magic then it has to a dating app such as Tinder. I have come across such badly taken selfies with guys staring dead eye into the camera that even the best description and attributes that match twenty-twenty have not been able to persuade me to click on their profile. So, yes, the profile picture is extremely important.

What did the study reveal?

The study made about 100 people judge selfies of people whom they did not know ire have never met int heir lifetime. These people judged the person on parameters such as empathy, understanding, and of course intelligence and the like.

The most interesting bit of the survey was that guys who tilted their heads on their right side to a degree of 45 seemed extremely attractive and there was a persuasive value to their selfies. All the 100 believed that these were the guys they would not mind clicking right on and dating. So there!

We put up this survey on the lockthecock.com and we had people telling us that they tried this and that it did wonders for them. Try!!

Surprising Ways Our Gaming Habits Change as We Grow Up

Our preferences in life keep changing from time to time. For instance, what we prefer to wear when we were kids changes as we enter college and further refines when we enter the corporate world. Likewise, we tend to notice a change in other aspects as well including our food habits, spending habits, the movies we watch, the places we like to go, etc. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that our gaming habits also change as we grow up.

You would probably be wondering who plays games as they grow older. However, that is not entirely true. Everyone at every stage in their life does engage is some gaming activities or the other. While for some gaming is a craze, others perceive it is a way to pass time and keep them occupied. Moreover, some people find gaming very stimulating. Whatever may be the reason, here is a look at how gaming habits change over time.

  • The motivation for gaming tends to decline as you age.
  • When you grow older, you have other priorities to attend to and hence pursuing a game out of sheer interest is unlikely.
  • Further, as you grow older you tend to play calmly and stress-free, unlike the fast game mode that you once adopted in your earlier years.
  • However, game strategies were found to improve with age. This means that if you played a game for fun when you initially started out, it changes, as you grow older. At that point, even a simple game is found to be played in a better manner using improved strategies.
  • Additionally, there was no drastic change in the numbers of people playing solo or in groups among different age groups. If playing in groups when you were young was because of the competition, playing in groups when you grow older is because of the need to socialize. Hence, that part does not change much over the years.

If you are looking to engage in some exciting games then make a quick stop for quick transactions at lolshop24 irrespective of your age.

Top Technologies In Organic Farming

The world has seen a drastic shift from more quantity to better quality. The produce that the farmers give the companies and customers are more focused on quality rather than the quantity today. Earlier many methods, supplements, and chemicals were used to increase production but today the entire agriculture sector is moving towards organic farming. Though this means higher investments and lower productivity, the customers are ready to pay up for it and this is what sells in the market today.

Technology has helped in this shift towards organic farming. Let’s take a look at the top technologies that have aided this organic rendezvous:

Internet Of Things (IoT)

This technological shift towards higher usage of internet has helped in connecting the various devices used on the field. The devices are connected to your phone or computer using the internet, thus providing you with the information at your fingertips.

When all measurements and readings are available to you at the touch of a button, it saves you a lot of time and helps you decide faster. The timely decision is important in agriculture.

Irrigation Control

Today there are many systems in play that provide up to date information about weather, soil moisture, and other related data. This helps in taking a quick and timely decision in farming. Earlier one had to physically check the soil and stay around the farm to keep an eye on the weather and take decisions accordingly. Today with these technologies to help, one can make decisions from a different city, thus enabling them to spend time on farming as well as other activities.


Yes, pesticides are not preferably used in organic farming. The simple reason is that these pesticides latch on to the surface of the produce, thus making them in organic and unfit for today’s expected health standards. However, pest control is essential and when done right your organic farming will only flourish. If you are in the Glasgow area, get professional pest control Glasgow companies to help you out.

Best Brands for Car Synthetic Oil

It is very necessary to use the right type of synthetic oil for your car. These days it is very difficult to select automotive accessories from the market due to the rise in demand. With so many brands and variations car owners do not know what the best synthetic oil brands are for your car. However, there are semi – synthetic oils, that are a blend of the natural oil with chemical mix. There are also the super smooth flowing synthetic oils that are slightly more expensive but is worth it. The latest synthetic oils include addition of chemical lubricant, agents to keep out contaminants & sludge, and clean the engine of old oil compost. You must also beware of some poor quality products in the market too.

The best synthetic oil will help your car to work at optimum level. It is also known as the life blood of the car engine. While it is not suitable for brand new cars, it optimizes the performance of older cars. Many of the cars are re – purchased and require a thorough removal of old oil residue. The role of the synthetic motor oil is to clear the engine parts of all compost, dirt, and keep it sludge – free. However, there are many things that you need to check out before buying the car synthetic oil. Below are the basic factors sourced from https://carhq.org/best-synthetic-oil-with-review-guide  for beginners to check out before buying a new synthetic motor oil for your car.

  1. Mileage – Cars that deliver higher mileage require oil changes more regularly. Using a synthetic oil that keeps check on the coolant level in cold weather will help. Select a synthetic oil that is top branded, gets good customer reviews & best rated one.
  2. Additives – as mentioned earlier, there are many inferior quality motor oils as they mix regular oil with chemical lubricants and these formulated mixes are sometimes not good as they end up with rust at times. However, there are those that come with an anti – coolant as well as dirt resistance ability. Also, there are other products that have cleaning agents too and keep out sludge and contaminants.
  3. Viscosity – The motor oil has a specific texture and thickness and this is called as viscosity. There are specific weather conditions that determine the flow of the motor oil. Oil companies clearly cite this information / measurement chart on the label of the can of oil that you are buying.
  4. Cost – At the end making a huge selection process, the price tag is one of the main things that car owners look out for.

However, one thing that you can understand is that by using an inferior quality oil for your motor/ engine it would, in the long run, cause more expenses that can be incurred on the car maintenance. So, think well and paying a little more for a branded and superior synthetic motor oil will keep your car engine healthy, and optimizes the overall car performance.


Technology has got involved in almost every aspect of our lives. By developing a fingerprint device that helps in detecting drug abuse the drug testing has been taken to completely different level. But I find that this detox drink works the best. This will be of great help for roadside screening usually used by police as well as professional companies that are making drug test mandatory. Currently, police are making use of a device to detect this, which shows some result but to find out accurately it still needs to go to the Labs.

What Is Fingerprint Drug Screening?

This device makes use of fingerprints to detect different substance abuse in human beings.  There need not be different tests performed since one device detect one or more drugs used at the same time. The overall process takes about less than 10 minutes which includes extracting samples and getting the results. The device consists of two components

  1. Cartridge
  2. Reader

Description of Components

  • The cartridges is intelligently design fingerprinting technology which is compact and uses fingerprints as samples to detect commonly abused drugs like coke, opioids, amphetamines, and marijuana.
  • It is composed of reader 1000 which has a touch screen that helps in analyzing the samples and giving the result. This is a portable device.

Because of the intelligent technology used it is difficult to fiddle with the samples and fake the test. However, you can fake fingerprints. You need to start off by printing the fingerprints you want to fake on clay or wax. Make sure to press inside the material for a significant amount of time to get perfect fingerprints. Next, you need to freeze this clay so that the fingerprints are intact. Boil some water and add gelatine to make a thick jelly and let it cool. Once it has cooled down, microwave it again and again until it stops forming bubbles which will make it rubbery in nature. Pour this into the mold on which fingerprints are there. Then keep it in the freezer and later peel off the gelatine slowly and your fake fingerprints are ready.

Increase the value of your car with new tech

Give your vehicle an overhaul with the latest technology in town. It is not always feasible to invest in a new vehicle but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the latest technologies which are a part of the latest models in the industry. Enjoy driving by installing the latest in the automotive industry without breaking your bank.

Here are few technologies that will help you upgrade your vehicle.

  1. Heads up displays or HUD: This feature is now a standard on all high-end models like Audis, Land Rovers, Mercedes Benz and others where the windshield is transformed into a Screen on which information related to speed, fuel and other engine related is projected. It is typically factory installed but you need not fret as you can fix this feature into your regular Renault by buying a standalone HUD available in the market between$100 to $300. These HUDs will replay information to the transparent screen in front of the windshield just like the built-in models. There are a few smartphone apps like the Hudway Glass too that do the job for far lesser money.
  2. Parking Sensors: It is always stressful to find parking spots either at work or at malls especially in the peak hour and during holiday seasons. Unless you are an experienced driver you will end up with bent bumpers, scratched doors, and irate car owners. The new cars have this problem covered with automatic sensors that make parking a breeze. In case your car doesn’t have these built-in you can purchase these sensors from any automobile shop or online. The cheap ones are available for as low as $15 while the high end is more expensive at around $300. These sensors are designed to detect objects based on sound waves and transmit the knowledge back to the driver via beeps or flickering lights.

There are several places to buy well pried Renault parts in the UK, just ensure that the parts you buy are compatible with your car and can be easily installed by you at home.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Power Inverters

When you buy a Power inverter you must know the kind of appliance that will be running under the power inverter. Power Inverters come in varies sizes. It is always better to choose the double size than the kind of appliance you have selected to bridge it to the inverter. The Power inverter works within its power capacity and lower.


The power inverter can be used continuously for a long time depending on what capacity you have drawn in it. Also, they can work for the maximum period for short running appliances.


Batteries to choose play an important role. Choosing correct battery will help the inverter to run longer life. If there is no appliance attached to the inverter then switching the battery off will save your power inverter to load more energy.

There is a variety of Power Inverter in the market you can check this link for choosing your best ones www.invertero.com.

Picking the right power inverter will make life easy for you and also help your appliance to work with easy. You must have an idea of how much watts your power inverter will need to power your household appliance or say your company workshop appliance.

For instance,  if you have only a single appliance to work on power inverter than you have to make a selection of power inverter that has voltage/watts compatible with your single appliance. Similarly, if you want to run many appliances then look for high watts power inverter.


Most of the companies have listed the kind of power inverters that are suitable for the various appliance. Gather knowledge on what suits best for your appliance and select the one that matches with the right watts. Few Conversion formulas to check on the kind of appliance used on power inverter can be used to choose the inverter.

Instagram guide: when and what to post to attract followers?

Being a rainbow in someone’s cloud is what Instagram is to a good brand. The foremost thing for any brand to be popular among the masses is visibility across all the defined markets. A good Bio as it is coined by Instagram talks about the profile and the brand which not only advertises your service also gives a lot of scope for widening your business horizon. Using the Instagram for business opportunities now is the best time as lot of people look up on social media platforms to advertise their products, services and also there are a whole lot of consumers who want to avail certain services which may not be easily available outside the virtual platform.

The initial process of setting up the account:

  • is quite simple by setting up the account from the App downloaded
  • A User name, password and a simple, neat Bio for an unique identification of your brand
  • A brief Bio is best to optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • Popular hashtags easily attract and increase the count of followers
  • Profile Photo of the brand or company is the first thing which people can relate with instantly.
  • A good quality image of the brand gets the likes from followers easily.

The brand strategies to promote the business and achieve set goals materialize when we have a good connect with the followers. It is always advisable to keep the people, followers current with the products, services, and awareness of the brand promoted. A stream of regular postings should be done so that people are updated with the happenings around the business. The timings to post are best observed when a schedule is worked out so that huge web traffic is not created with irrelevant comments bombard at the same time. Using different theme based hastags, content based posts, definitely attracts followers.

Different Brands across global markets do resort to buying Likes for promoting the brand. Deutsche Likes für Instagram kaufen may sound to be a viable option where even German Auto makers do for brands which needs extensive publicity, but for a short term or initial launch, for the long term it is considerably not the best option.

When should you start worrying about online privacy security?

Every mind is thinking the internet way, every palm has a smart phone and every lap has a PC. These things are no more age specific. With levels of brilliance and technology reaching another high with every passing generation, need for security too has increased. When brilliance mixes with ill intent, it causes no less than a disaster. This is why we hear cases of online forgery, thefts and others.

A bit ago, people rested assured if the site they visited had ‘https://’; however safe many such sites track user browsing behavior and then get ads ad pop-ups related to the same. Anti-virus software companies are trying to keep their software updated and competitive enough to keep away everything undue. To help ease out the effort, users should be well aware of what to share online. There are prying eyes keeping a watch on what you share and trying to fetch more information from you. The least you can do is, clear the browsing history after finishing the online session, every time. My father removes his information from the internet using this.

Read through; if any one of the below mentioned is a yes for you, you should worry about your online privacy and security:

  • If your anti-virus is not updated
  • If your operating system is not updated
  • If you do heavy finance transactions online
  • If you usually and frequently connect to public networks
  • If your work demands using external storage devices
  • If you share too many personal details like whereabouts, photos, check-in info, work or travel details

There was a time when photographing without consent was a privacy violation. None anymore! We have so adjusted to technology. While there are tools and rules to nip the rising risk, it still would take more to achieve the desired. Perhaps, the safeguards will keep increasing, for, eliminating all the cyberpunks is simply hypothetical.

Social media hacks to increase your following

Internet has now penetrated even the far corners of the world. So there is an explosive growth in the number of users on social media. If you are trying to be popular on social media it is going to be tougher than you think. But then there are some ways to ensure that you get there quickly and steadily.

Memes cannot be underestimate

Meme creators are on high demand these days because who doesn’t love a good meme after all! A single meme can talk a long story in just a small picture. Memes are ways that people use to express their views with the right blend of sarcasm in a fun way. So consider using memes to put forth your thoughts to gain strong attention. But do not overdo this.

Funny videos are popular

If you look at the content that is the most browsed by people of all age groups and different demographics a majority of it is videos. People spend a major share of the time spent on social media watching videos. Be it a quick product review or demo, a cooking recipe or even an announcement, people achieve a better effect when they say it with a video.

A personal touch

Now that there are so many people uploading pictures, blogs, vlogs and more, why would people look at your content? Add a personal touch to make your content unique and add a bit of mystery that would keep people guessing and waiting for your next post.

If all else fail there are the internet tools to the rescue

If you wish to instantly improve your Instagram popularity, this is the best website to buy instagram likes and there are many like this one. When people find that there are several followers on your profile and that your content has many likes they would be tempted to follow you as well.

Best quality entertainment systems for children in 2017

Keeping children entertained is not an easy task. The key is to choose entertainment that is also educative and relaxing. After all children also get stressed out and they do need a break once in a while. Entertainment systems which are portable come in handy when you are going on a long trip. If the drive is going to be a short one, they would entertain themselves enjoying the view outside. But for those trips where the drive is going to be very long you really have to invest in quality entertainment systems that are compact and portable.

What type of entertainment system are you looking for?

What type of entertainment would really keep your kids engaged? That is the question that would help you decide what to buy. Here are the most popular options when it comes to choosing entertainment systems for kids:

  • My kids love this portable dvd player and they carry it along for all our trips. There are several types of portable media players that you would find in the market. There are even those that come with large screens for better movie viewing experience and these are great for older kids and adults alike. Remember to look for those that come with convenient charging options, ones that can easily be charged with a car charger.
  • If you have an avid reader at home you could invest in a Kindle. This is going to save you from heavy weightlifting adventures as a compact lightweight Kindle can carry thousands of books instead of carrying all those hardcover versions in your bags.
  • Portable gaming consoles with all the favorite games loaded are other popular options when it comes to choosing compact entertainment systems for children. And again, there is a wide range of gaming consoles available for children of different age groups.

Build A PC In A Day

If you have never created your own PC before, then it can be very intimidating for you initially to build a customized computer system. But the fact is creating your own PC can be absolutely an educational experience. If you can gain some knowledge about the various components that are needed, then building a PC will not be that complicated.

Well, there are actually many plus points of building your own PC. You will end up spending a lot less than what is required for purchasing a new computer from the market. And the best part is you can build it with whatever specification you desire. If you have enough patience, time, willingness and research then building a PC will not be a big problem.

It is very essential to pick the right parts for your computer. Make sure that you do not end up picking wrong parts which can turn out to be incompatible with other components that you are using because this can damage other parts as well. If you do a thorough search then you can even find the best mini itx case at a reasonable price.

Prefer to use trusted tools like LED light source, anti-static mat, magnetic screwdriver, flat work space, anti-static wristband. Also, you have to install the CPU, PSU and RAM. Go for a motherboard which is efficient enough since the complete functioning of the computer depends on it. You will also require storage drives which are used for holding the operating system, other programs and other data such as personal media.

You cannot let your computer become hot and thus, add some case fans for adding the cooling effect to your system. In fact, adding some extra fans will do no harm to your computer system. Also, you need to install the GPU.

Computer Repairs? Fix it now in Brisbane!

It has become one of the daily chores that our computers need to be repaired due to over usage and very low maintenance. Hence people are always on the lookout for various ventures for repairing their computers. Especially when it comes to city like Brisbane, more number of dealers are available for computer repairs. Hence it is the responsibility of the customers to choose the best one among them. Once when in the directories or when searched online, many number of computer repair services in Brisbane are available and finally customers are puzzled about choosing the best one among them.

So, certain guide lines needs to be considered before availing the computer repairs in Brisbane service.

Collect the list of computer repair centres available in Brisbane, in the nearby locality.

The major aspect is try to figure out the average time consumption of repairing the computer, as all other aspects can be decided based on that.

It is a fact, almost all the famous computer repair centre in any city are always crowded.

Acquire the services provided by every service centre.

Make a comparison analysis of cost incurred for that particular repair.

Analyse the time consumed by the service centre for computer repairing

Check out for services like picking up the computer from our home and delivering back after the services.

Further, check for the guarantee period or how many times their free service can be availed after first registration.

Above all if they have planned to replace any particular hardware in the computer, it is essential to make sure that they replace with the original high quality products. Customers need to request the service centre to provide the proof for the usage of high quality products.

Observe whether the persons in the service centres are able to diagnose the problem immediately and they should provide assurance for the repair planned to be made.

We can request for any combo repair offers during the guarantee period, like mobile can also be repaired.

So, based on the above guidelines, look for a proper computer repair centre in Brisbane in your surrounding locality to avail the best service as per your requirement.

How To Access An Abundance Of Content On Your TV

Did you know you could do more than watch shows on that TV of yours? The TV in your house has more potential, if only you out it to good use. Today smart TVs are the norm and almost everyone has them.

These smart TVs enable you to do almost everything you do on your smart phone. You can connect your Android device to the TV and use it just like you would use your phone. There is so much content online for you to access and enjoy on your TV,

One can browse online, play games and even chat on the big TV screen, once it is connected to the Android device.

How To Access

So, you have the Best Android TV box. How do you access various contents online via your TV? Here is how:

  • First you need to connect your smart TV to a network
  • If you see your TV remote control, you will find a Menu button
  • Press the menu button and scroll through the list
  • Select “network” and then select “network settings”
  • You will see a network setting message. Select “Next” as instructed on the screen
  • You will see a list of network connection type. Select wireless (general) and click on next
  • Now enter the password for your Wi-Fi connection and click next to connect to the network

Now to get all those contents from your smart phone to your TV

  • Connect your android phone to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Select Apps and go into media options
  • Select the type of media to be played on your TV
  • Select video or audio and select the link icon
  • Your media file will be played on your TV
  • An alternate is to download Apps that help you play such content seamlessly on different connected devices

Now you can enjoy all the online content on your TV. You can watch movies, play music, videos, see photos and even use various Apps.

Introduction To Native Instruments


Native instruments is a Berlin based technology company which works on developing hardware as well as software instruments for music production. Initially, they were focused on software instruments but now they have started producing a wide range of music equipment segments. Some of their products are samplers, software synthesizers, sound libraries etc.

At first, in the year 2003 eight products were combined by the company and called Komplete. Since then it has been upgraded almost every year. Currently the eleventh version is available which is way better and bigger than its predecessor. Also, the eleventh version has earned the best review yet of the Komplete.

In Komplete 11, standalone feature is offered by all the instruments which is supported by the Windows, Mac and as VST, AAX or AU plug-ins. To host them, Kontakt or Reaktor is required for most of the contents. There are three distinct bundles of komplete available to fit into various needs and budgets.

Komplete 11 is the standard edition that offers all the desirable products of Native Instrument. It contains more than 155 GB content that comprises of 45 products. All the latest versions of the effects and instruments from the komplete 10 are delivered by the komplete 11. This also includes many other instruments form which could be only purchased separately.

If you are looking for an entry level bundle then komplete 11 select is an ideal since it is very budget friendly and features 11 instruments as well as 25GB of the content. This includes reaktor instruments, some popular softsynth massive and few kontakt libraries. It does supply reaktor 6 player as well as kontakt 5 player even if it does not offer a full-fledged version. Komplete 11 Ultimate has a vast collection of software. This comprises of 3 good evolve libraries. All these editions can be easily downloaded.





The Lenovo G50 Series- Notebooks For Daily Use

The G50 series is a non-fussy series introduced to handle the day-to-day tasks of the user. The Notebooks from Lenovo G50-80 fall in the price-range of most entry-level computers. This G50 review is basically to give the overall important aspectsof this series in a nutshell.

  • Overall, the Lenovo G50 series has a solid build-quality.
  • The notebooks have a plastic case and deck. They are light-weightwith a seamless design and can be easily carried around.
  • The display is bright.
  • The Lenovo hard drives are known for their quickness and
  • This is a series that is economical and a good value-for-money.

When we have budgeted entry-level laptops designed for everyday use, trade-offs are a part of the process. And same is the case with the Lenovo G50 series. They have a few issues like:

  • The batteries do not have a very prolonged durable life. After a full charge, they tend to last for three to three-and-a-half hours.
  • The keyboards are not really smooth and for an entry-level product, there may be other brands which have better keyboard functioning than the G50 series.

Having said that, this series is known for a great touchpad and the multi-touch gestures are recognized well and do not disappoint as much. The display responses are fairly quick and hence suitable for a variety of daily tasks.

Regarding, the hardware aspects, the Lenovo entry-level series is fairly equipped with the basics and covers most multimedia and office applications. The system performance is smooth and quick. It also comes with a decent cache. The laptop scores well on the gaming and graphics performances too.

This is a series which has got its temperature regulation well under control. The plastic hardcover is of good quality and remains at a very bearable temperature ranging from around 23degrees Celsius – 35degrees Celsius, when they are not performing or under load. The power consumption is limited because of the high-quality processor.

Overall, this is a series which reeks of typical Lenovo qualities. Apart from a few flaws, if you’re looking for a disposable entry version, this is a choice that is worth considering because it handles the daily multimedia tasking very well.

The latest in digital currency


Digital currencies are becoming a more and more popular choice for making payments, and may even take the place of physical currencies at some point in the future. There are already several different digital currencies operating in different ways, but the number of different currencies is sure to grow rapidly.

One such currency is the Bitwalking dollar – by using a smartphone app to track the number of steps you take, you can earn digital cash. There’s also a wristband under development to carry out the same function, reducing the need to carry the phone around. The technology essentially converts movement to cash – one of the first of its kind.

This currency can be used online in the designated store, or can be exchanged for ‘real’ cash. I even bought a dirt bike with crypto currency for a discounted rate and it is the future. Whilst it won’t make a huge difference to the income of many of us in the West, it can be life-changing in rural communities in developing nations where many have to walk several miles a day and earn very little at their place of work.

Another new and relatively unheard of digital currency is known as Zcash. This is similar to the better-known Bitcoin, but much more secure. All data is fully encrypted, meaning less security threats. It’s said to be the first currency of its kind, making it definitely one to consider.

If you like using PayPal you might want to consider the new digital currency known as Dash. It’s perfect for shopping online, and the transactions occur immediately, meaning you don’t have to wait a couple of days to see what you’ve been spending. There’s a map available to show you which merchants accept the currency too, making it really easy to use.

Counterfeit Bags Beware – Entrupy Is Here

Celebrities love their Chanel bags and so do the women on the street who can ill afford the luxury of the rich. But thanks to a whopping $460 billion counterfeit industry, these pricey designer brands are within everyone’s reach. While those who love the flash but not the associated cash can rejoice, those who shop online are often duped with fakes. Even the most experienced digital re-sellers are confounded by spurious products which are as good as the original – the stitching, the font size, and the labels are so perfect that the naked eye can’t detect the anomaly.

It is here that technology steps in and you can be sure that you will never fall prey to dubiousChanel bags made of suede from unethical retailers and online stores.

Entrupy to the rescue

Entrupy is a handy scanning equipment that has been designed to identify imitations. It takes microscopic pictures of the product and analyses:

  • The material
  • Workmanship
  • Serial number
  • Processing
  • Wear and tear.

Next using the deep learning technique, it compares the result with a vast database of original bags. Once the product passes the test an authenticity certificate is awarded. The technique has a proven accuracy rate of 97.1 percent and almost 130 businesses use its services.

How does it work?

The inventors of this highly successful technology have used mapping to determine how, where and when original and authentic goods were manufactured. As a result, for a counterfeiter to beat the system the same specs have to be used, which is extremely difficult.

What also makes Entrupy the first choice for a digital re-seller especially is its ability to learn.

For the second-hand digital market dealing in luxury brands, the Entrupy is a no brainer. The cutting-edge technology used in this device ensures that customers get only authentic designer goods.

Of course, it is not fool proof but when combined with the Government support and a zero tolerance to counterfeiting it is possible to curb the menace.


Tips On Buying The Best Suited Xbox One HDDs

The Xbox One has a decent storage capacity of its own. However, the Xbox-compliant games, their updated versions and new games that may catch your fancy may take up even storage space of about 500GB or even 1TB. It is very useful to have a back-up in the form of an external hard drive to have a satisfying gaming experience without worrying about the lack of space to add more games to your repertoire.

This site reviews the latest Xbox One HDDs and gives you useful information that you need to know before venturing to buy one.

  • Customers seem to be loving the Xbox One because Microsoft allows it to connect with an external HDD and this only means more gaming fun. It is well worth the money to invest in an external HDD because it only means more storage space for games.
  • Replacing the internal drives may not be a great idea and could backfire. With an external HDD, you only add more space. The external plug-in is far more convenient and safer.An external storage helps you upgrade and get rid of useless glitches that affect the gaming quality and help the games to load quickly than replacing the internal drive and testing it out.
  • You can use the External HDD only for storage and not use it for other software functions, or security features. A portable or a desktop drive that comes with a lot of storage capacity would suffice most requirements. The drive need not handle any other apps or have other Xbox features.
  • An Xbox complaint external drive is good enough because the system integrates any good brand nicely and allows you to manage your gaming data and will help you to sort and filter the games in order of current preferences without the need to juggle them.

We hope the above-mentioned reasons are good enough to convince you on the convenience of having an external HDD for your Xbox One, without trying gimmicks like replacing the internal drive.